Improving access to higher education

The Widening Participation team at Sussex supports learners who are under-represented in higher education. We can help students make informed choices about their future.


If you have students interested in studying at degree level, we offer an exciting range of activities.


  • 校园参观
  • subject masterclasses
  • 网上在线研讨会
  • an 访问计划 for students in year 12 and above.

Why we do what we do

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their background. We believe in the power of higher education to drive social mobility and that a diverse, inclusive university community can help make a fairer society for all.

Our work aims to equip learners from under-represented backgrounds with the awareness, advice and opportunities that they need to make informed choices about their future and succeed beyond school.

Get in touch with us at 为了了解更多.

How to get involved

  • Schools and colleges

    If you work in a school or college and you’d like 为了了解更多 about how we can support your students, 请联系:

  • 学者

    We love partnering with our academic colleagues to create engaging activities and 事件. To hear more about what we do and how to be involved please contact

  • 大使

    大使 play a key role in our work. They support prospective students by answering questions and speaking about their own experiences.

    Our ambassadors get access to training, on-going support and flexible paid work on campus.

    If you're interested in becoming an ambassador and want 为了了解更多, contact

  • Community groups and charities

    We’re keen to connect with community groups and charities to find out how we can extend our outreach activities to benefit the local community. 请联系:

  • Parents and carers

    If you’re supporting your young person’s education progression and would like some advice or guidance then contact our team at:

Access and Participation Plan

The University of Sussex has created an Access and Participation Plan which is approved by the Office for Students.

This sets out our tuition fee limit and a commitment to access measures, from financial support for students to outreach schemes.

Find out more about our Access and Participation Plan.

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